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At Hawaiian Pool Builders, we thought it would be fun to give you a glimpse of some of the more famous backyard swimming pools of celebrities.

In-ground swimming pools have been around since before the fabled Hanging Gardens of Babylon. In modern history, the private backyard swimming pool really began to make a big splash after World War II. It was the celebrities of the Silver Screen that brought the backyard swimming pool to life. By 1947, there were 11,000 pools in backyards across the country.

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Few outdoor activities can fill those long, sunlit summer days quite like water sports. For most folks, spending hours in the water, bodysurfing, hanging ten, doing laps in your in ground swimming pool, or simply floating on our backs is an enjoyable way to connect with nature and ourselves.

Filmmakers, too, have been drawn to the water. Making movies about swimming seem to capture something of the free, watery spirit. Here are six of Hawaiian Pool Builders favorite swimming movies!

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Summer. Oh, we love that word, except when it comes to buying a new swimsuit! While it’s always exciting to add a fresh style to the lineup, finding the right swimsuit can be daunting (read: terrifying). Even though your inground swimming pool is in your own back yard oasis, At Hawaiian Pool Builders, we are sure you would like that swimsuit to fit and feel right. To make things easier, we’ve created an easy bathing suit guide to help you find the most flattering, stylish bikinis and one-pieces to fit your unique body.

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When you think about jumping into your inground swimming pool, the first thing that crosses your mind is relaxing on your floaty with a nice cold beverage in your hand. However, in ten to twenty minutes, you can power out a fantastic workout with four simple swimming pool exercises.

The resistance of the water not only increases the power of your workout but it is much gentler on your joints. Swimming pool exercises are especially beneficial for anyone who is recovering from an illness or some sort of joint replacement. Typically, 10-20 reps with 3 rounds will give you a nice, full body workout without having to hit the gym. Do these 3-5 times a week, and you may find yourself needing a smaller suit!

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The Fourth of July is almost here, and we want to make sure your party will start off with a bang. At Hawaiian Pool Builders, we have some fantastic ideas to make sure your guests will be glad they came.

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Now that your swimming pool is open, it’s time to think about getting dad something fun and ‘pool themed’ for Father’s Day. At Hawaiian Pool Builders, we have ideas for swimming pool gifts we are sure will spark dad’s interest.

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Summer is here, and nothing says ‘let’s throw a party’ like a nice hot summer day. At Hawaiian Pool Builders, we have put together a list of a few pool party must-haves.

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Graduation party season is in full swing, and often times goes for the entire summer. Whether your student is a high school graduate, college, or even grad school, Hawaiian Pool builders has some fantastic ideas to make your ‘grads’ swimming pool party one they won’t forget. We have ideas for invitations, decorations, food, entertainment, and party favors.

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It’s almost here! The weekend that signals the beginning to summer. The grill is out, your inground pool is sparkling clean, yard is ready. At Hawaiian Pool Builders, we are just as excited as you are for Memorial Day Weekend.

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Mother’s Day is upon us and we know you are ready to get your in ground pool open for this years’ swimming season. Why not give mom a gift or two with a pool theme? At Hawaiian Pool Builders we have a few ideas for your pool themed Mother’s Day gifts.

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