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Today is National Pool Opening Day – a day all pool owners look forward to. At Hawaiian Pool Builders, we are here to open your swimming pool and help get your summer underway.

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In case you aren’t aware, Hawaiian Pools now has a retail store for all your pool supplies. Located right next door to the showroom, we offer products to keep your pool clean and make your summer more enjoyable.  Here are a few items we think are must-haves for this summer. 

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What better way to say ‘may’ in Northwest Ohio then opening your swimming pool? At Hawaiian Pools we know that’s the most exciting thing about May.

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April is in the air, and at Hawaiian Pools we know you are ready to open your swimming pool. As you wait, here’s some great things to do in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan.

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Perhaps you know someone who is having an inground swimming pool put in this season? At Hawaiian Pools, we’d like to give you a few gift ideas.

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It may be spring, but in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan, we are still a few weeks away from getting your inground pool open for the upcoming swimming season. At Hawaiian Pools, we’d like to give you some ideas for keeping your children busy until then.

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Though you probably won’t be taking a dip in your swimming pool this Easter, at Hawaiian Pools, we have some fun ideas for getting those Easter baskets pool-ready.

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If you’re a lover of all things cold and snowy, this hasn’t been your best winter season! For a swimming pool builder in Ohio and Michigan, springtime is very exciting and the warmer winter has us anxious for swim season to start.

Since we’re not out digging new swimming pools, we thought we’d take a few minutes to share some fun facts you may, or may not know about swimming.

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We are all aware that Florida has some of the nicest beaches in the world. If you have beach access, you may think you don’t need a backyard pool. However, backyard pools have several advantages over going to the beach. Here are five reasons why it is better to own a pool rather than going to a beach.

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Labor Day is way behind us, and fall is here! Perhaps you have closed up your swimming pool, if not you will be doing so soon.

Fall is no time to put your grill in storage. The cooler season not only makes it more comfortable to stand by a sweltering fire, but it also provides a host of seasonal goodies to put over the flames. To give you an idea on how to roast your veggies, here is one with the simple sweet potato.

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