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Adding an attached hot tub to your in-ground swimming pool is an option to consider in new construction, or you can have one added to your existing pool. At Hawaiian Pool Builders, we want you to be informed about the benefits of an attached hot tub.

Based on your personality and your lifestyle, installing one is a smart decision for a variety of reasons. It’s a great way to wind down by yourself or enjoy a night with your friends. You can enjoy the hot water, soothing massage, and invigorating hydro-therapy provided by the jets.

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Have you thought about installing an outdoor entertainment system for all day swimming pool entertainment? We, at Hawaiian Pools have some ideas for you.

The kids are out of school, the lawn is under control, and the BBQ is ready to feed a never-ending flow of unexpected relatives and friends. You’re ready for summer. But wouldn’t you like to kick it up a notch or two this year? In northwest Ohio, taking advantage of every opportunity to be outside is important.

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Hawaiian Pools is a premier inground pool builder in Northwest Ohio. We are pleased to offer you, our client, spas and hot tubs as add-ons to your outdoor pool.

With a hot tub or spa, there are a few precautions that we believe you should know and understand. We want you to enjoy your experience, and your safety is our concern.

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Technology is changing the way you enjoy your outdoor pool experience. At Hawaiian Pools, we are here to make sure you are up to speed.

In the not too distant past, maintaining your pool required a fair amount of personal attention, not to mention effort. Managing pool chemistry, maintaining the filter and cleaning the pool, along with the surrounding area, are some of the tasks that modern pool owners want to minimize in favor of more time to relax around their pool.

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There are few things more inviting than the warmth, crackling glow of an outdoor fire. As a pool owner in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan, you know that evenings can be cool in the spring and fall. Installing a fire pit can extend the time you can enjoy your backyard. Create a welcoming gathering place with a handful of chairs drawn around the fire and plenty of hot cider and nibbles, and your guests may be tempted to linger well after sundown.

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Spring is knocking on our door in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan, and that means the weather will soon be nice enough to spend more time outside. It may not be time to open up your inground pool, but, if you enjoy time outside with your family or friends, you know how important it is to have outdoor furniture where everyone can sit, relax and enjoy each other's company. If you have had your outdoor furniture for a few seasons, you may notice that it is getting dull and dingy. Before you spend a lot of money on new outdoor furniture, try these tips to spruce up the old.

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Let’s face it, living in Northwest Ohio or Southeast Michigan cuts into the summer ‘fun’ schedule.   Loving your outdoor space and inground pool is why you had one built in the first place.

Did you know that at Hawaiian Pools, we work with various builders that can enclose your pool and give you year-round enjoyment?

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Since 1987, Hawaiian Pool Builders has been providing Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan with all of your in-ground pool and spa needs. Did you know that a segment of the service we provide is making sure that your equipment, your pumps, filters, heaters, heat pumps and lighting all come from one of the top leaders in the pool industry? Pentair is a leader in the manufacture of pool equipment, and we only use their equipment when your pool is designed and quoted.

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As thoughts start to turn to Spring and Summer, one of the things to consider is privacy around your swimming pool. While a privacy fence enhances safety, carefully landscaping your yard gives you and your guests added privacy and enjoyment. With the winter months here, and a few more to go, now it is the best time to give ideas to your landscaping projects also.

Privacy, safety, beauty, and convenience are some of the considerations to keep in mind when landscaping around swimming pools. The best plants to grow near a pool will be those that lend the area a special charm and that cause you little inconvenience. 

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We all know there’s an app for everything these days, but did you realize that includes your family pool? These clever smartphone apps for your pool will save your family time, money and guesswork for the next summer pool season. Here are a few that you can check out, download and see which one(s) work best for you. You can see that they also have which operating system will download them.

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